Smash pros (and cons): The Super Smash Bros. Community

You know what I hate? The logic and reasoning behind many members of the Super Smash Bros. Community. Mainly, the battling elite present on sites such as Smashboards and similar places. Why, you might ask. I can tell you, it is not the elitist attitude they show (although it probably derives from it) or some sort of jealousy I might have for their skill (which I do not have enough of to write about). It is their interpretation of the meaning of the game.In the minds of those “Smash pros”, the game solely exists in some form of competitive nature. Only because of tournaments, practising for years and the thrill of victory can the game be enjoyable for more than a few weeks. Any form of casual or party play, which Smash works perfectly fine for and for which it is one of the most awesome Nintendo games (even agreed to by non-Nintendo-fans I talk to) is frowned upon by this community. Why? Can they not understand one can PLAY the game for FUN?

This manifests itself in various ridiculous beliefs they have, and I think it is time to deal with some of them.

1) Playing without items and with advanced techniques is the way the game is meant to be played.

This is perhaps both the most important and the most ridiculous principle of the Smash community. Why ridiculous? It is actually quite simple. Would you imagine one of the most elaborate and fundamental features in the entire game that can only be disabled in a select few modes (most of them multiplayer) being less wanted than what basically goes down to exploits of imperfections in the game engine? I understand where they are coming from, though. Remember, they play competitively, with tounaments being their favorite occupation. And tournaments need to avoid all randomness, so they disallow items. And who knows, maybe in all their tournament-centered gaming, they lost the ability to use items properly. The randomness argument however leaves one to wonder why they most passionately hate the one item with the most anti-randomness measures…

2) Final Smashes un-balance the characters

Give me a break. Now they have an item where the randomness argument fails, and what do they say now? It destroys the balance… Yes it does, if you have barely ever played with items at all. It is a major feature of the game, why would Nintendo/Sora make it unfair? Yes, there are stronger and weaker smashes out there, just as there are stronger and weaker attacks. But do those people really think that this means some characters are given an advantage? No, but denying them a chance to get the Smash Ball is giving them a disadvantage. Such features are usually included in character balancing.

3) Noobs are inferior

Happens in any gaming community, and I believe you know what to say about this.

That pretty much concludes this rant, and all that is left to say is:

Have a nice day and do not let competitive players ruin your fun play.

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