Opinions – Now in Print


Opinions is now available in printed form… one could say. Actually, that does not mean I have set up any mass distribution. No, it just means what you see on top of this post: Kopimi. I am releasing the contents of my blog under the Kopimi free copyright alternative – copying and sharing encouraged. So if you ask where to find a distributor, I say: Be the distributor. If you want to use my posts for anything, use them. You can even charge for them if you wish – although I doubt anyone in his/her/its right mind would pay to read my ranting. Anyway, have fun reading my posts, and be sure to share them.One thing I would like to add, I had to cut this logo out of POwr, Broccoli and Kopimi, because the official Kopimi site has been vandalized, showing a naked kid dancing around. Clearly some people have some weird ideas about free sharing, trying to stop it like this. Unlike TPB, Kopimi is about sharing content according to the author’s wishes!


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