E3 09

I have watched the E3 Press Conference, and before checking what others thought, I want to post an unaltered opinion. Two words: “Awesome Sh!t”.

I will not do a detailed review as with the previous one, but one thing is certain. Cammie has improved a lot. Her appearance reminds me a lot of a teacher, but she sure learned to talk Nintendo without taking that “coolest mom in the world” position. And she did not look as ugly, either. Still, I preferred to see Reggie, Iwata and Trinen, and I would have preferred to see Miyamoto announce one of the shitloads of awesome games.

NSMB Wii. The idea is awesome, there can never be enough 2D Mario games, and the combination of classic 2D version of a big franchise with graphical update + 4-player coop with money-hoarding competition reminds me a lot of the Zelda 4 Swords games, which rule. However, slightly irritating for me is the use of toads as P3 and P4. Toads belong into castles occupied by Bowser, they are not heroes. P3 might have been Wario, and P4 would be a good idea to finally get Waluigi into the main series. Cammie fortunately gets pwned.

Next, Wii Fit Plus. Nice effort, but the system giving the routine is not what Wii Fit needs, the disadvantage lies solely in the player’s unwillingness to follow one.

Next up, Wii MotionPlus and Wii Sports Resort. We have seen it already, but this presentation helped again highlight the awesomosity of WM+. However, kayaking is just stupid. Basketball… not something I really like, but why not? But archery is awesome. Skydiving is a nice tech-demo and intro, although the immersion feeling is not really there if your character is held in your hand. Bill nearly kicked Reggie’s you know what, but it flipped to the usual vice-versa at last second.

The obligatory third party praise follows, introducing pwnzariffic games such as RS2, as well as the stupid girl/kid stuff, AKA token Imagine!. Following that, some nice Square R.P.G.s, with graphics far below even the predecessor’s capabilities. Square made better graphics with FF9 on the PS1. Women’s Murder Club. Probably the most awesome name ever given to a crappy game. What does Mahjongg have to do with crime solving?

DSi. Lacking a Slot-2, it cannot replace the DS Lite, and it is too expensive to have both. Yet, great for newcomers, and they surely praise its features, including customization. Another big title of awesomeness with Mario vs. Donkey Kong 3. Too bad it is DSiWare. Finally, DSi camera talk. Come on kids, use social networking and upload pictures of you and your friends. How I hate people who link meatspace and cyberspace.

Iwata on stage, demonstrates the Wii principle (for the fourth time in a row at E3, if not more). Bill Trinen explained it better with a short mention during his WSR demonstration. The Wii Vitality sensor sounds somewhat intriguing. Since the N64, recently reawakened after all the “what to do after Wii” talk, people have been joking about Nintendo implementing brain control. And this appears to be the first step to that.

Yet another Mario game! This surely is the E3 of awesomeness. SMG 2, with Yoshi. And the implementation appears a lot better than Yoshi’s last Mario appearance in Sunshine. Where is Miyamoto? Man, too bad he does not show up at this press conference.

Some more hardcore 3rd party Wii titles. Yay for gaming, although not really that much of awesomeness. I watch the Nintendo press conference for Nintendo stuff. And this is what we get at the end. A whole new approach to Metroid, reminds me of Star Trek 11. And so the E3 ends. I know Zelda Spirit Tracks was somewhere in there, but it is not like they revealed anything, so pardon me for not commenting on that. A good E3 this has been, spoiled only by the non-appearance of Miyamoto and the still teacher-like Cammie.


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