Climate change: Lie or the truth?

People disagree about the cause, effects and existence of global warming. Some say it is an undeniable truth that man causes the atmospheric temperature to increase. Others deny the existence of global warming, believing it to be part of a conspiracy. While the mass media are clearly backing the first group, recently the second one got backing by a supposed revelation of an organized lie regarding climate change, including e-mails of meteorologists attempting to cover up a general decrease in earth’s temperature.

But who is right? This is largely unknown. Both sides appear to be fighting some kind of holy war, generally denying the other position as propaganda by a lobby supporting the interests of whatever group might profit from fear of the climate change or lack of it. Personally, I consider the climate change a myth: There is some basic truth behind it, but a large part of what we get to know about it is of dubious veracity.

What provoked me to dig out the blog to write about this is a newspaper article I read today, which appeared to be stuck somewhere between opining and informing. It took one of these “holy war” stances for the existence of climate change, dismissing the info as lies and propaganda without it being either verified or denied yet. This suggests that there is some desire in the media to quench any doubt about what is supposed to be passed of as truth. And that is something I fear far more than possible changes in the global climate.

The issue of climate change always comes with the question for a future-proof energy source. Fossil fuel is guaranteed not to last. No matter if the climate change is a real threat to us or not, the scarcity of natural resources  will force us to reconsider soon. Our main alternatives to fossil fuel are the obvious. Renewable energy and nuclear power.

While renewable energy is a desirable power source, it will take time until they are developed to a point when they will be able to replace fossil fuel. For this development, we need nuclear fission as a bridge system. Until solar, wind and tide forces will be efficient enough, we can not give up nuclear fission. And who knows, maybe by then nuclear fusion will already have become usable. And this is something I am looking forward to.


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