About this blog and myself

Hello again nobody!

I am writing nobody instead of everybody because this is what appears to be my readership – Aside from myself and people who I sent links to an article I have been noticed about… once, as far as I can tell. This blog is more of a public diary, mainly a place I write down things that only reach myself.

The reason why nobody actually bothers to read anything of this is quite evident to me. Because practically nothing interesting happens around here. Neither is my person interesting enough to be followed by anyone, nor does my writing stand out as anything unique or exceptionally interesting. It is mostly my personal opinions about stuff a lot of people have talked about very much already. After all, that is the topic, title and whatever about my blog – my opinions. Pretty much the only thing I even run this blog for, and definitely not something of great public interest.

Another reason might be the slow pace – often enough, that is nearly always, there are multi-month droughts between any two posts I make. And whatever the reason, this is definitely not something that attracts people to follow.

But what exactly are my reasons? I can tell you there are quite a few. First of all, it is not that I do not think a lot. I do, sometimes more than I like to. It is just that this mostly happens while lying down in bed, desperately trying to fall asleep. This post is written from my bed at 3 AM, after just about 1.5 hours of in-bed awakeness. I usually do not want to stay up and write at this time, but I felt the need to get this out of myself right now. Most times, I would have already forgotten the thoughts I had which I wanted to blog about the next morning. So no update despite a lot of planning for one.

Second, I am very reluctant to talk about real-life events. Part paranoid struggle to keep my anonymity at its maximum, part seperation of real and cyberspace lives. I can only have a single real-life identity, and especially when it comes to controversial topics, I would like to prevent association with the one identity I can never drop. Also, I consider myself as a cyberspace resident a somewhat different person than my real-life self, which further drives an online/meatspace seperation.

Third, I am rather passive in nature. I share a lot of interests with acquaintances of mine, but pursue them a lot less actively. Some of the reasons are that I am more lazy and frugal, somewhat conservative when it comes to accepting change and unable or unwilling to dedicate myself to a certain activity. And I am a dreamer. I am often content with thinking about how things could be, and losing myself in these thoughts is often enough for me to replace the plan to realize any of these. While this enables me to enjoy unrealistic situations, it also lets me enjoy it only to a fraction. One last reason for passivity to mention, I lack confidence in myself. While I am bold enough to consider it a law of nature (or something like that) that I am a genius, whenever I plan to do or get something I always fear that I might screw it up or that the consequences of my decision do not meet my expectations and that I might waste time and money.

Well, this is it for now, a boring self-description of a boring person, written on a boring blog. Maybe I might add some more boring things later, but who knows? I do not yet. And yes, all those “boring“s link to the same target, an xkcd comic which might fit some of my writings on here.


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