Screw DVI

Yes, I am still alive, still alone and still able to write. And I try to do it once more. About the DVI video connector.

Well, first of all, the title. It is not that I hate DVI. In fact, I love it. It is the only mainstream video connector capable of transmitting both digital and analog signals simultaneously, and I really like the flexibility it offers.

But it ends there. Things get ugly when you get past theory. The implementation of most drivers I have seen (at least with my NVidia card) offer me absolutely no choice which standard I want to use. Which would be fine if it sent the output to both – but no. With a DVI-I cable, the system seems to be hardwired to send the analog VGA signal to my screen. If I want to use digital video, which is what I AM USING DVI FOR IN THE FIRST PLACE, I have to BUY a DOWNGRADE! And even then, I do not even know if it is going to work for sure.

And there is one more thing I hate about DVI’s design. This time, it is more of a hardware issue, and an innate flaw of the DVI design instead of an awful implementation. Why did they keep the f’cking screws when they designed the connector? I am sure the screws were the most loved part on the D-Sub connectors. Just kidding. Actually, I am sure that they were not. In fact, if there is one thing I hate about them, it is the effin’ screws. Now I undestand that back in the days of the IBM PS/2, plug designs that could achieve a decent density (and stability, I’m looking at you here, Mini-DIN) without using external fastening mechanisms were not producable economically, but for a connector designed in a time when connectors like the multi-AV ports on VG consoles like those by Nintendo or Sony, that could hold themselves inside their receptacle without help, were already commonplace, there is no such excuse. This is why for single-link digital-only transfer, HDMI certainly is the better choice. The problem with HDMI however is the lack of compatibility between the single- and dual-link connectors. Guess we will have to wait until DisplayPort comes out until we finally get a decent video connector.


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