Comment log #1: Wii Music and Nintendo Innovation

August 5, 2008

This will be the start of a series called “Comment log”, in which I will post a comment I have made on something on another site, mainly because the context gave me an opportunity to formulate my opinion well.

Comment context: GoNintendo

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Comment text:

5 is what Nintendo is all about, no matter whether mentioning this is meant as a joke or a serious point. Iwata reminded the audience that what they have so far done with the Wii platform might appear ridiculous the first time you see it, but turns out to be successful both from a commercial and from an entertainment
point of view. How many of you Wii Music haters felt betrayed by Nintendo when they announced they were going to make games more accessible with the Revolution controller? Now it is praised as the greaest innovation this generation. How many have not taken the name Wii seriously? Now it is a name like any other, though more unique. How many of you were sceptical of the Wii system because of its comparatively lower specs? Now everyone who even dares to mention it is labeled PS360-fanboy.

Nintendo designers have always had the gift of knowing what we wanted before we even realized it ourselves and capitalizing on it. Do not knock Wii Music off just yet. At least give it a try on some in-store demo if it becomes available or with some friend/relative who is into this and is going to get it if you have one. Has Miyamoto-sama ever disappointed you in the past?

Comment on the comment: You might se another Wii Music feature on Opinions in the near future.