Screw DVI

September 22, 2010

Yes, I am still alive, still alone and still able to write. And I try to do it once more. About the DVI video connector.

Well, first of all, the title. It is not that I hate DVI. In fact, I love it. It is the only mainstream video connector capable of transmitting both digital and analog signals simultaneously, and I really like the flexibility it offers.

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About this blog and myself

March 24, 2010

Hello again nobody!

I am writing nobody instead of everybody because this is what appears to be my readership – Aside from myself and people who I sent links to an article I have been noticed about… once, as far as I can tell. This blog is more of a public diary, mainly a place I write down things that only reach myself.

The reason why nobody actually bothers to read anything of this is quite evident to me. Because practically nothing interesting happens around here. Neither is my person interesting enough to be followed by anyone, nor does my writing stand out as anything unique or exceptionally interesting. It is mostly my personal opinions about stuff a lot of people have talked about very much already. After all, that is the topic, title and whatever about my blog – my opinions. Pretty much the only thing I even run this blog for, and definitely not something of great public interest.

Another reason might be the slow pace – often enough, that is nearly always, there are multi-month droughts between any two posts I make. And whatever the reason, this is definitely not something that attracts people to follow.

But what exactly are my reasons? I can tell you there are quite a few. First of all, it is not that I do not think a lot. I do, sometimes more than I like to. It is just that this mostly happens while lying down in bed, desperately trying to fall asleep. This post is written from my bed at 3 AM, after just about 1.5 hours of in-bed awakeness. I usually do not want to stay up and write at this time, but I felt the need to get this out of myself right now. Most times, I would have already forgotten the thoughts I had which I wanted to blog about the next morning. So no update despite a lot of planning for one.

Second, I am very reluctant to talk about real-life events. Part paranoid struggle to keep my anonymity at its maximum, part seperation of real and cyberspace lives. I can only have a single real-life identity, and especially when it comes to controversial topics, I would like to prevent association with the one identity I can never drop. Also, I consider myself as a cyberspace resident a somewhat different person than my real-life self, which further drives an online/meatspace seperation.

Third, I am rather passive in nature. I share a lot of interests with acquaintances of mine, but pursue them a lot less actively. Some of the reasons are that I am more lazy and frugal, somewhat conservative when it comes to accepting change and unable or unwilling to dedicate myself to a certain activity. And I am a dreamer. I am often content with thinking about how things could be, and losing myself in these thoughts is often enough for me to replace the plan to realize any of these. While this enables me to enjoy unrealistic situations, it also lets me enjoy it only to a fraction. One last reason for passivity to mention, I lack confidence in myself. While I am bold enough to consider it a law of nature (or something like that) that I am a genius, whenever I plan to do or get something I always fear that I might screw it up or that the consequences of my decision do not meet my expectations and that I might waste time and money.

Well, this is it for now, a boring self-description of a boring person, written on a boring blog. Maybe I might add some more boring things later, but who knows? I do not yet. And yes, all those “boring“s link to the same target, an xkcd comic which might fit some of my writings on here.

Climate change: Lie or the truth?

November 25, 2009

People disagree about the cause, effects and existence of global warming. Some say it is an undeniable truth that man causes the atmospheric temperature to increase. Others deny the existence of global warming, believing it to be part of a conspiracy. While the mass media are clearly backing the first group, recently the second one got backing by a supposed revelation of an organized lie regarding climate change, including e-mails of meteorologists attempting to cover up a general decrease in earth’s temperature.

But who is right? This is largely unknown. Both sides appear to be fighting some kind of holy war, generally denying the other position as propaganda by a lobby supporting the interests of whatever group might profit from fear of the climate change or lack of it. Personally, I consider the climate change a myth: There is some basic truth behind it, but a large part of what we get to know about it is of dubious veracity.

What provoked me to dig out the blog to write about this is a newspaper article I read today, which appeared to be stuck somewhere between opining and informing. It took one of these “holy war” stances for the existence of climate change, dismissing the info as lies and propaganda without it being either verified or denied yet. This suggests that there is some desire in the media to quench any doubt about what is supposed to be passed of as truth. And that is something I fear far more than possible changes in the global climate.

The issue of climate change always comes with the question for a future-proof energy source. Fossil fuel is guaranteed not to last. No matter if the climate change is a real threat to us or not, the scarcity of natural resources  will force us to reconsider soon. Our main alternatives to fossil fuel are the obvious. Renewable energy and nuclear power.

While renewable energy is a desirable power source, it will take time until they are developed to a point when they will be able to replace fossil fuel. For this development, we need nuclear fission as a bridge system. Until solar, wind and tide forces will be efficient enough, we can not give up nuclear fission. And who knows, maybe by then nuclear fusion will already have become usable. And this is something I am looking forward to.

Useful Firefox Add-Ons

August 27, 2009


I know nobody is actually reading this blog, but still, I want to post something else than my usual political and/or video game rants. And, having just modified my Firefox installations on both my PC (upgrade to the 3.5 series, installation of Tab Mix Plus to compensate) and my Laptop, an Asus Eee PC 1000HE if you ask (update to the 3.5 series, minimizing interface to fit maximum amount of content on the little WSVGA screen, proper installation), what better time is there to talk about my preferred Firefox installations? Read the rest of this entry »

New Motion Controllers – How they do/will perform

June 21, 2009

There has been a lot of talk about Wii MotionPlus and how it will affect games we play. Also, this E3, the competitors have announced their own motion control systems. Let us pick them apart one by one.

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E3 09

June 2, 2009

I have watched the E3 Press Conference, and before checking what others thought, I want to post an unaltered opinion. Two words: “Awesome Sh!t”.

I will not do a detailed review as with the previous one, but one thing is certain. Cammie has improved a lot. Her appearance reminds me a lot of a teacher, but she sure learned to talk Nintendo without taking that “coolest mom in the world” position. And she did not look as ugly, either. Still, I preferred to see Reggie, Iwata and Trinen, and I would have preferred to see Miyamoto announce one of the shitloads of awesome games.

NSMB Wii. The idea is awesome, there can never be enough 2D Mario games, and the combination of classic 2D version of a big franchise with graphical update + 4-player coop with money-hoarding competition reminds me a lot of the Zelda 4 Swords games, which rule. However, slightly irritating for me is the use of toads as P3 and P4. Toads belong into castles occupied by Bowser, they are not heroes. P3 might have been Wario, and P4 would be a good idea to finally get Waluigi into the main series. Cammie fortunately gets pwned.

Next, Wii Fit Plus. Nice effort, but the system giving the routine is not what Wii Fit needs, the disadvantage lies solely in the player’s unwillingness to follow one.

Next up, Wii MotionPlus and Wii Sports Resort. We have seen it already, but this presentation helped again highlight the awesomosity of WM+. However, kayaking is just stupid. Basketball… not something I really like, but why not? But archery is awesome. Skydiving is a nice tech-demo and intro, although the immersion feeling is not really there if your character is held in your hand. Bill nearly kicked Reggie’s you know what, but it flipped to the usual vice-versa at last second.

The obligatory third party praise follows, introducing pwnzariffic games such as RS2, as well as the stupid girl/kid stuff, AKA token Imagine!. Following that, some nice Square R.P.G.s, with graphics far below even the predecessor’s capabilities. Square made better graphics with FF9 on the PS1. Women’s Murder Club. Probably the most awesome name ever given to a crappy game. What does Mahjongg have to do with crime solving?

DSi. Lacking a Slot-2, it cannot replace the DS Lite, and it is too expensive to have both. Yet, great for newcomers, and they surely praise its features, including customization. Another big title of awesomeness with Mario vs. Donkey Kong 3. Too bad it is DSiWare. Finally, DSi camera talk. Come on kids, use social networking and upload pictures of you and your friends. How I hate people who link meatspace and cyberspace.

Iwata on stage, demonstrates the Wii principle (for the fourth time in a row at E3, if not more). Bill Trinen explained it better with a short mention during his WSR demonstration. The Wii Vitality sensor sounds somewhat intriguing. Since the N64, recently reawakened after all the “what to do after Wii” talk, people have been joking about Nintendo implementing brain control. And this appears to be the first step to that.

Yet another Mario game! This surely is the E3 of awesomeness. SMG 2, with Yoshi. And the implementation appears a lot better than Yoshi’s last Mario appearance in Sunshine. Where is Miyamoto? Man, too bad he does not show up at this press conference.

Some more hardcore 3rd party Wii titles. Yay for gaming, although not really that much of awesomeness. I watch the Nintendo press conference for Nintendo stuff. And this is what we get at the end. A whole new approach to Metroid, reminds me of Star Trek 11. And so the E3 ends. I know Zelda Spirit Tracks was somewhere in there, but it is not like they revealed anything, so pardon me for not commenting on that. A good E3 this has been, spoiled only by the non-appearance of Miyamoto and the still teacher-like Cammie.

Opinions – Now in Print

April 17, 2009


Opinions is now available in printed form… one could say. Actually, that does not mean I have set up any mass distribution. No, it just means what you see on top of this post: Kopimi. I am releasing the contents of my blog under the Kopimi free copyright alternative – copying and sharing encouraged. So if you ask where to find a distributor, I say: Be the distributor. If you want to use my posts for anything, use them. You can even charge for them if you wish – although I doubt anyone in his/her/its right mind would pay to read my ranting. Anyway, have fun reading my posts, and be sure to share them. Read the rest of this entry »